Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Connect and Browse Smartphone Files From Windows PC Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth, a short range wireless technology which allows a Bluetooth enable device to connect and exchange data with other Bluetooth enable devices. Using Bluetooth technology you can access other devices wirelessly. You can access and transfer your smartphone files from your PC without using an USB cable. Here, in this tutorial I am going to explain you  the step by step process to Connect and browse your smartphone files from your PC via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth mobile

Image Source: Flickr, Andrew

Please note the below screen shots are from Android Kit Kat based smartphone and windows 8.1 PC. Some steps or screen print may differ if you are using other version of operating system.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and make sure it is visible to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Step 2: On your PC press Win+R and enter ncpa.cpl and hit Enter. Network Connection window opens up.

run command

Step 3: Right click on Bluetooth Network Connection and click on View Bluetooth Network devices from the context menu. Devices and Printers window opens up.

Network Connections

Step 4: Click on Add a device, a new windows opens up and display all the visible devices (Make sure your Bluetooth device is visible to other devices). Select your device and click next.

Add a Device

To Make the device visible just touch on the device name.

Bluetooth Visible

Step 5: Bluetooth pairing passkey pops up on both the devices you want to connect. Compare the passcode and click on Pair on your smartphone and Yes on your PC.

Compare the passcode


Step 6: Once you click on pair, some necessary files set up windows pops up.


Step 7: Once done, you will be able to see your device in My Computer window.

My devices

Step 8: Double click the device icon to browse your device files. A FTP request Pop up will come on your smartphone, click OK to connect and browse your smartphone file.

FTP Request

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