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30 Awesome Google Search Features, Tips and Tricks For Your Daily Needs

Google, One of the best search engine over the Internet. It has become so popular that we are using the word Google as a verb. It was added to Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary long back in 2006 as a verb. Apart from web search, there are many features of Google you probably never used before. Here, in this post I am going to explain you some awesome features that you may need in your daily life.

google search

1. Use Google Search as a Timer

You can use Google search as a Timer. Just enter Timer and hit Enter.


You can Reset the timer as per your requirement and also enable timeout sound and you can also make the timer display full screen.

2. Use Google Search as a Calculator

Google search can also be used as a calculator. Just enter Calculator and click on search. The amazing thing to use this calculator is that you can use it without any internet connection  once it loads to your browser.


You can also enter your expression and hit enter, Google search automatically calculates your expression and displays result.

3. Use Google Search as a Tip Calculator

Need to calculate tip? Go to Google search page and enter Tip Calculator in the search bar. Enter your bill amount and tip percentage and Google will calculate the tip amount.

Tip Calculator

4. Use Google search to find Special days date

Looking for when Thanksgiving is this year? Just enter thanksgiving in search bar and Google will tell you the thanksgiving date.

Google Special days

5. View 3D structure of Chemical compound

If you search for a chemical compound, Google will provide an option to display 3D structure of chemical compound.

Google chemical compound

6. Movie Release date

Do you need a new movie release date, enter the movie name in search bar and Google will tell you the release date of the movie along will other details.

Google Movie release date

7. Flight Schedule

Your friend ask you to pick him up from airport but you don’t know when  his flight will land. Just open Google and enter Airline name number and Google will tell you the schedule of the flight.

Google Flight schedule

8. Use Google as a watch

Enter time now in search bar and click search, Google will tell you the current time along with your location date and day.

9. Use Google for Weather Forecast

Enter Weather in search bar and hit Enter. Google will tell you today’s weather.

10. Sunrise and Sunset Time

Google can tell you the sunrise and sunset time in your city if you enter sunrise or sunset in search bar.

11. Founder, CEO, Author

You can easily find the founder of the company, ceo of the company or Author of a book. Just enter <company name>  founder. Similarly, for book author <Book name>author.

Google Author

12. Capital of a Country or state

You can easily find the capital city of a country or state. Enter <city/country> capital in Google search bar and it will tell you the capital city.

Google Capital

13. Graph for a mathematical function

Do you need a graph of a mathematical function for your assignment and you don’t know how to draw it. Don’t worry, Just enter your mathematical function in Google search bar and it will draw a graph of the function for you.

Google mathematical expression graph

14. Solve geometrical Problem

Google search can solve your geometrical problems. For example, to find the area or circumference of a circle, enter Solve circle in Google search bar and Google will display you the area formula, enter the radius and it will calculate area of the circle. Similar for circumference, select circumference option, enter radius to calculate circumference.

Google solve geometry

15. Use Google as a Currency Converter

No need to use an application  for currency conversion, Google search will do the same for you. Enter <Currency 1> in <currency 2> and Google will convert the currency1 in currency2 and vice versa.

Google Currency converter

16. Use Google as Unit converter

Similar to Google currency converter, enter <unit1> in <unit2> in Google search bar for unit conversion.

Unit converter

17. Stock Quotes

Use Google search to get instant quote of your stock. Enter <stock symbol> and Google will tell you the details.

Google stock quotes

18. Google site search

You can use Google search for result from a particular site. For example, if you want to search amazing lesser know Gmail features from, then enter amazing lesser known Gmail features.

Google search particular site

19. Nutrition Comparison

You can compare foods in Google search without visiting any other sites. For example, you can compare Pizza vs Burger or Cabbage vs lettuce.

Google food compare

20. Time zone conversion

You can use Google search for time zone conversion. Type 10AM EST in India in search bar, Google will calculate and let you know the IST time at 10AM EST. You can also search for time <country name> to get current time of a country.

Google Time Zone conversion

21. Translate a sentence

Type Translate <your sentence>, Google will automatically translate the sentence in your country language.

Google Translation

22. GDP Growth

Eager to know the GDP growth of your country. Type <country name> GDP Growth in search bar, Google will display the GDP Growth of your country.

Google GDP growth of a Country

23. Distance between a city

You can calculate distance between a city using Google search. Type Distance between <City1> to <City2> and Google will calculate distance between the cities

Google distance between cities.

24. Atari Breakout Game

Feeling bored? You can play a game in Google image search. Go to and search for Atari Breakout and see what happens. Enjoy!!

Google atari breakout game

25.Your IP address using Google search

A simple trick to find your IP address, Just type What is my IP? and Google will let you know your public IP address.

26. Sports Schedule

Find your sports schedule on Google.

Google Sports schedule1

Google Sports schedule2

27. Demographics

Use Google search for demographics.

Google demographics

28. Google Definitions

Define a word by typing Define <word> to Google search.

Google Define words

29. Find Origin of a Word

You can find the origin of a word by typing etymology followed by your desired word. For example to find the etymology of hello type etymology hello in Search bar.

Google etymology


30. Google Flight search

Use Google search to find best deals on flight tickets. Go to and enter your source, destination and date of travelling. Google will search flights with best deals. You can also search flights by typing Flights from <city1> to <city2>.

Google Flight search

Hope you enjoyed this article. From the above list which one is your favorite? Please let me know in comments section. If you like this article please do share it with your friend and family on Facebook and Twitter. You can also use Email This feature to send this article to your friends. 

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