Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Find which Website is Spamming your Gmail

Everyday you open your email and find that your email account litter with spam messages. Is there any ways to track which website is sending you these spam messages or which website is revealing your email ids to spammer? Yes, You can track these website by a simple trick of Gmail.Here, in this guide I am going to explain you how you can find out which website is flooding your email account with junk messages.

Spam messages

Make it a practice, whenever, you sign up for email update, newsletter or you are signing up on  a website enter your email by adding “+website” with your user name. Suppose you are subscribing for daily deals alert on deals2buy.com and your email id is abc@gmail.com, enter email id as abc+deals2buy@gmail.com. Gmail ignores the word between + and @ and redirect every email send to abc+deals2buy@gmail.com to your original email abc@gmail.com.

How to find the website name from your emails

Step 1. Login to your Gmail account and open an email to find the sender’s name.

Step 2. Click on Show details of the email.

Show details gmail

Step 3. Details pops up. You can find your email address you entered on the website.

Show details pops up

In this way you can easily find out which website sending you the spam messages or which website reveling your email id to spammer. From the next time make it a practice to enter your email id by adding +website with your user name.

Do’s and Don’t

  1. Avoid mentioning your email in public forum. Spammer bots crawl different websites and scrape email addresses.
  2. Do not respond to suspicious emails.Some spammer guess email address, send emails and wait for your reply to confirm if the email address is correct or not.
  3. Avoid using Share this page with your friends option to share any webpage to your friend, rather copy the webpage url and send it over email. If you are doing so, You are exposing your and your friends email id to spammer.
  4. Read pricy policy and terms and conditions of a website before subscribing to newsletter or use the above trick to subscribe.
  5. If feasible, Try using different email addresses for different purposes. Use an email for chatting and public forum, other one for online shopping and create one for your friends and family.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial. If you have any queries please do let me know in comments section.