Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Use Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 and 8

Windows Problem Step Recorder is a new tool introduced in Windows 7. Suppose you stuck at some problem in Windows and wants your friend’s help to resolve it. Explaining the problem over Phone or email is not easy every time. Use Problem step recorder to automatically records your every action performed. Create a detail outline of your steps performed using this tool, save it  and send it to your friends over email.

Windows Problem step recorder

Windows Problem Step Recorder creates .ZIP format containing MHT file. Follow the below steps to know, how to use Problem Step Recorder.

Step 1: Search for Steps Recorder or press Win+R to open Run windows and type psr and press Enter. Problem step recorder opens up.

Windows search step recorder


Windows run problem step recorder

Step 2: Click on Start Record and perform your steps to so that Steps recorder capture the problem you are facing.

Start Record

Step 3: While performing the steps you can also add your comments for steps by clicking on Add Comment.

Add Comments

Step 4: Once completed, Click on Stop recording. Once you click on Stop Recording, it will prompt to save the file. By default, the file will get saved in .ZIP format.

Stop Recording

Please not Problem step recorder automatically record your steps along with screenshots. If you do not want the screenshot to be captured then you can disable it. To disable it click on imageand select settings…

Steps recorder settings

Click on setting, Steps Recorder Settings opens up. Select No under Enable screen capture.

Steps recorder settings window

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